Marlene Oak: “One Way”

By: Princess Carroll
March 23, 2020

Whether you’re a newcomer or established in the folk scene, you’re sure to be pleased! Just over a year since her first album Silver Moon, Marlene Oak has now graced us with her anticipated single β€œOne Way.” 

The Swedish songstress is especially proud of her release because it was in collaboration with famed singer-songwriter Jake Bugg. Marlene’s voice causes listeners to fall in love with the track. Even non-folk fans would be drawn in by the sound of her smooth voice and the relatable lyrics. It’s an easy listen and worth exploring whether you’re dabbling in the genre or a long-time fan. While Marlene doesn’t have any live performances lined up, you can check out her Spotify page here to listen to β€œOne Way” as well her previously released album. 

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