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Mark Ambor:  “The Long Way”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
September 23, 2021

Mark Ambor doesn’t mind going “The Long Way.”  He’s waiting patiently to start a relationship with someone who isn’t ready yet. 

His new single is a positive outlook on an exasperating situation.  The catchy, upbeat song is a hopeful quest for love that keeps the listener wanting more. 

Ambor’s natural sounding voice and sincere lyrics are engaging and encouraging.  These qualities create a sense of optimism that make him someone to root for in his seemingly hopeless situation.  Ambor explained the meaning behind the song to Melodic Magazine saying,

“‘The Long Way’ is specifically about truly great things taking a long time.  Although in the moment it can be frustrating that you can’t instantly achieve what you want, I think anything gotten too easy never turns out to be worth it in the end.”  The 23-year-old singer singer-songwriter has gained a lot of followers over the past year with his music because of his TikTok videos and Instagram reels.  He plans on releasing more “coming-of-age” music in the coming months. 

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