Mariana (Kito Remix Feat, Tov Lo): “Venus Fly Trap”

By: Fay Rose
July 23, 2021

โ€œWhatever you give life, you will get back. Why be a wallflower when you can be a Venus fly trap?โ€

What a great opening line in a rocking anthem of female empowerment. โ€œVenus Fly Trapโ€ is the new single from Welsh singer-songwriter Mariana.

This version of โ€œVenus Fly Trapโ€ is an exciting remix featuring the powerful vocals of Mariana along with Tov Lo who adds a little something extra to an already cool song. The rhythm and lyrics are dynamic, fun and sassy. The entire song is a great confidence boost to anyone struggling on being who they are and letting their unique light shine out into the world without apology.

I love how unique and modern and empowering of a song that is โ€œVenus Fly Trap.โ€ Take a roaring listen to this new release perfect for todayโ€™s generation.

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