MARCOUX: “Prada”

By: Eric Reyes
March 02, 2021

Easy, so easy. Trading largely on the virtue of Canadian sensation MARCOUX’s raspy, tired-sounding, but entrancing vocal performance, ‘Prada’ is a moody earworm that lives rent free in my mind.

There can be a lot of stock put into compositional complexity, an at times arbitrary litmus test for worthiness and artistry. I’m guilty of it. MARCOUX manages, with a simple, streamlined accompaniment of electronic hi-hat and clap, as well as a subtle guitar pluck and strum, to build a sound that doesn’t need clutter or chaos to seem complex. The beat is easy, punctuating as much as MARCOUX’s excellent phrasing and verbiage. This is a mix that doesn’t need fat or space to breathe, as every beat and tap andtrill and clap is necessary, and while important, isn’t the core. The core is the lyrical and vocal performance. I had previously mentioned a seeming tiredness to the vocal performance.

And that is an interesting character to vocal-heavy performances such as this. After a few listens, it’s less tiredness than it is casualease. A nonchalance that is honest and free of try-hard inflection or unnecessary verbal barks and tics many artists use to fill space and impart an individual character upon the lyrics. Here, the vibe, the moment, the feeling, is what is being imparted, it is the focus of this track.

Give it a listen and you’ll find how much there is to enjoy with such reserved, but not limited, talent.

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