Marc Robillard: “Heart and Soul”

April 07, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

In many a generic love song, there’s a generality that is purpose-built for the theme, and often the genre. It’s so applicable that it is aimless, making everyone feel special by being as vague and broad as possible. They’ll β€˜church it up’ to quote a friend of mine, but really, even with all the pretty words, there’s a hollowness to it.

Marc Robillard clearly is as teeth-grittingly frustrated with this carpet commodity version of love songs as I am, because he hit it out of the park with β€œHeart and Soul.”

This is a song about someone special. It details what makes that person truly special. The fact that it opened with specific moments, so insignificant in the grand scheme of things, prove how significant those memories are. They are only special, they only mean something, because you were there, because you brought them along, because you wanted them to be there with you.

The lyric video, available on YouTube, illustrates, literally, the song’s core message. The vocals here are pleasant and have that folksy, fireside quality that is very popular and marketable, sure, but here it just works. It feels genuine. The backing mix and instrumentals let Marc Robillard do the heavy lifting but definitely set, and maintain, the tone of the track.

Put this on when your significant other is near, but maybe occupied, and just watch them. They’ll love it and you’ll get the opportunity to form a new, beautiful memory; you watching them love something new you’ve given them. When you lock eyes and they ask what song this is, tell them it’s β€˜Heart and Soul’ by Marc Robillard. Then start the song over and hold them and just enjoy the moment together.