MADSUN:Β  “You and Me”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
March 18, 2022

MADSUN is exploring a relationship with his single “You and Me.” 

The lyrics express a deep connection to someone and the hope that the other person feels the same.  Lines like “Every time I lay out on the concrete, I feel the earth shift slowly” paint a picture of someone who is very attune to their surroundings.  The following, “And I want you laying next to me, And I wonder if you’re missing me,” explains that their affinity for the other person stands the test of time.  The words are accentuated by the ethereal, electronic music and haunting, yet charming vocals. 

“You and Me” is the title song off MADSUN’s 5-track debut EP.  The music producer described the song in a Twitter post saying, “It’s the focus track of my debut EP. The story of an unconditional love ready to go through everything. A story that can speak to each of us.”

The video for the song highlights a statue of two lovers through different lighting effects. Check out the video for MADSUN’s “You and Me”

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