Madison Beer: “Blue”

By: Eric Reyes
March 02, 2021

Madison Beer weaves a beautiful, sultry musical experience in her latest single β€œBlue”.

Evoking the color’s natural emotions of both calm and moroseness, it balances itself deftly on the sharp edge of Madison Beer’s vocal performance.

Somewhere between breathless desperation and acceptance, the vocals never rest for long on a given emotional through-line. Building at times, and falling at others, the transition between seeming defeat and triumphant escapism is well executed. The lyrics here are amazing, bringing us to considerations of the physical and emotional trials of our leading lady, but without hysterics, without bombastic dramatics, relying instead on the character of the story being told.

Chilling, simply chilling at times, giving me a thrill of danger and warning, without crossing into menacing, this track puts you at the edge of your seat, edging you closer and closer to collapse. You feel your heart racing, an almost erotic thrill, brought to heel a moment later by the soft, wafting energy thatdrops and then rises steadily, bringing you ever closer to the lip of that neurochemical horizon building in your brain. You feel her power, you feel her pain, and you want more.

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