LUNAFALL: “Call It Off”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
November 5, 2021

Sometimes it’s better to just “Call It Off.”  That’s what LUNAFALL explains in their new single. 

The track describes a relationship where two people only reach out to each other to hook up.  They’ve attempted to see if their connection can turn to a friendship or romance, but neither has ever worked out.  With relatable lyrics and a catchy chorus, this song is on track to make an impact on listeners.

LUNAFALL is a trio from Birmingham, UK made up of Joel Darkes, Dave Jon Bright and Darius Franklin.  “Call It Off” is the second single the English group has released this year. 

They debuted their song “Save Me” this past summer.   Check out the band rocking out in the video for “Call It Off”

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