LUMiN: “Vitamins”

By: Sydney Cooper
March 05, 2018

LUMiN has produced a new hit that’s about to take over the airwaves. Be the first to hear it below!

We all need our vitamins, right? LUMiN is here to remind you to stay indie-pop-healthy with his brand new track, β€œViTAMiNS.” This is a sparkling, catchy tune packed with tropical grooves, electronic harmonies, and breathy dream-like vocals. What more could you POSSIBLY ask for? Being an artist, songwriter, and producer, we find ourselves applauding LUMiN’s unique style. “ViTAMiNS” is presented in a fun, well-produced package that inspires us to sing and dance in a carefree fashion. 

Check out LUMiN’s latest below!

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