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LULLANAS: “Highway Honey”

By: Cody Fletcher
March 23, 2020

A singularly sweet sound belays a lyrical complexity that is the hallmark of LULLANAS new single, “Highway Honey.” 

The warm Pop/folk duo spins a tail of yearning love from a self-aware traveler to their object of affection. Sharp writing is underscored by an upbeat acoustic sound that fills you with images of warm sunny roads and a time of youthful hope. The sister act weaves a unique lyrical story that manages to hit all of the right nostalgic notes without demeaning a modern listener with over used troupes. The Pop/Folk acoustical sound track manages to be inviting and haunting, giving the listener a window into picturesque moment that takes full advantage of the rose-tinted classes of youth. If blue jeans and care free summers are what you yearn for then look no further than this soothing single. It’s a soothing balm for the current struggles that plague the world. And if you’re in the Philadelphia area on April 19th you might get a chance to hear this duo live at the Locks Music. Listen below!

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