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Lulise: “Lovin’ You”

By: Honey Mills
November 06, 2019

If you’re not lovin’ Lulise already, you will be today! Listen to her new release, “Lovin’ You” below, Gas Maskers!

Lulise, a lovely Los Angeles songstress, has been captivating audiences for years as a performer and songwriter; now she is breaking into the solo scene and CRUSHING it with her newest release, “Lovin’ You.” This jam is very remnant of 90’s r&b, and while it pays a true respect to the genre; it also holds its own with its unique life and sound. Lulise has a beautiful musicality that is both flighty and strong, and her vocals really carry this track to new heights. Not only did “Lovin’ You” wow us musically, but it really blew us out of the water lyrically. “Lovin’ You” has some exceptional lyrics, including but not limited to, We had a fire that became smoke. It really hits you right in the gut with all of the feels while showcasing Lulise as an extremely talented artist and songwriter. We are nothing short of obsessed with this track and know that you will be, too.

Check out “Lovin’ You” below! Tell us what you love best about this new track on the gram or twitter at: @gasmaskmagazine. Until next time, keep rocking out, Gas Maskers!