Luciana Zogbi: “Dive”

By: Eric Reyes
May 31, 2021

Not to keep with the nautical/aquatic theme of the track’s title, but I sank into ‘Dive’ by the angelically-voiced Luciana Zogbi.

I put this song on loop and was lulled into a place of peace and comfort. Her voice is so bright and full of a glowing warmth, that it has a disarming effect. I felt myself untense as I listened to it. I would often lose my place, lose my train of thought, as I listened and tried to write about it. It was like someone was taking all the unconscious tension and weight and slowly easing it off of my shoulders. I sank into it, often snapping out of a pleasant haze, seated deep into my chair.

Her vocal performance is chilling. The calming tone of her voice will draw you in from the get-go and keep you entranced. While it rings high and bright at times, it doesn’t rise above this dreamy, pleasant level that echoes in your head.

The understated percussion and echo effect backing her vocals work very well for the nature of this performance. They really exist here to give a bit more structure and pacing for her singing, but even if they were removed, her voice would stand on its own merits. A pure vocals version of this track would be a cure for insomnia.

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