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Love Ghost: “Inferno”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
December 15, 2022

Love Ghost’s “Inferno” is ready to blaze up the charts.

With a mix of alternative rock and hip-hop, the energetic track takes listeners into an emotional turmoil. The lyrics dive deep into what some may describe as an internal hell. Lines like “I drank shame, it’s in my bile” and “I met pain and she became my friend” describe an agonizing struggle. The music and vocals also evoke that sense of passion and chaos. In addition to hard rock and hip hop style, “Inferno” also has a Latin flair in its music and lyrics. The majority of the track is in English, but has the repeated line “bienvenido a mi inferno” or “welcome to my hell” which really sums up the sentiment of the song.

Love Ghost collaborated with rapper Conejo on the track. “Inferno” is a single off the California based group’s 4-song EP entitled Venganza del Fantasma.

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