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Love And The Weather: “Coming Back”

By: Tiare Pito
December 13, 2021

Few songs have the ability to completely capture a person. However, with their moving anthem, Australian group Love And The Weather have managed to do just that. ‘Coming Back’ is an enthralling anthem that will have you hooked.

In ‘Coming Back’ we are painted a picture of a long journey. Soaked in nostalgia and yearning, we follow along as the declaration “I’m coming back,” is reiterated. The enigmatic lyrics conjure a sense of longing that allows listeners to really lose themselves in the song. They are able to connect emotionally and, rather than simply listen, experience ‘Coming Back’. 

‘Coming Back’ opens with a moody bass and guitar that slowly build tension. Accompanied with chilling, airy vocals, all audio aspects work together flawlessly. 

With such a stunning piece, it is no stretch to say that ‘Coming Back’ is more art than mere song. We cannot wait to see what the future will bring for Love And The Weather!

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