Lou Ella: “Clown”

By: Fay Rose
September 07, 2021

“If I’m a clown, I’m a sad one.” That’s the first line that sets the solemn tone of Lou Ella’s new single, “Clown.” Yes, this is about the kind of clown whose heart is breaking behind the fake smile.

Firstly, I have to point out that the California-based singer-songwriter has a stunning voice. Lou Ella’s vocals are classic and timeless, the kind that could make the telephone book sound melodic. She presents the words with raw depth and soulful emotion grasping the listeners attention from the first note. In her music, Lou Ella uses her diverse North African and European cultural backgrounds to create a unique style.

The second glaring fact to acknowledge is that “Clown” possesses zero levels of optimism. This piano-driven song is about someone who is not at all happy. The lyrics are depressive but none the less, catchy and captivating. The pop tune manages to be memorable and enjoyable despite the sadness.

Listen to “Clown” now and keep an eye out for future projects from this rising star.

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