Londner: “Hero”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
June 01, 2022

Londner is putting a “Hero” in the spotlight with his new single. 

The lyrics suggest that the “Hero” is you.  The electronic track is a thought-provoking confidence booster that expresses that what happens in your life is up to you.  This sentiment is conveyed through lines like “All you need is self-esteem, And choose your way, To live your dream.”  Londner adds on to that notion on the song’s YouTube page saying, “This is just about you… to find him in you” or in his native French, “Cela ne tient qu’à toi, de le trouver en toi!”

The song has an upbeat but relaxed vibe.  The mellow and hypnotic vocals seamlessly blend with the music to create a sense of calm.  The French composer and producer collaborated with Yvonne La Nuit on the track.  Londner is responsible for the instrumentals and lyrics while La Nuit provided the vocals.

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