Little League: “Not My Ex”

By: Princess Carroll
May 28, 2020

Little League’s new single is catchy and relatable. The pop track details the frustration of a man whose lover is obsessed with their ex. He doesn’t want to be second best and we can hear the emotion in his vocals- even against the fun beat. Its memorable hook is snappy and easy to sing along with, making this release a great track for summer (socially distanced) parties! 

Little League’s voice may ring a bell! His 2019 release Whachuwannadu (I promise it’s easier to pronounce than it looks) was featured in Google’s ad for the Pixel 3 phone. In addition to the popular spot he’s had a few other popular releases, including Wish I Had A Song for That and D-League. You can also hear the Indianapolis native on Madison Mars’ track, New Vibe Who Dis.

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