Lisa Nicole: “Count on you”

By: Eric Reyes
April 08, 2021

That voice! Lisa Nicole impresses in this uplifting ballad about someone who makes a positive difference in the world, well, her world at least.

And that’s enough. β€œCount on you” takes a positive outlook on the difficulties in life, in this instance, someone who makes those difficulties just a little more bearable.

A song for that person in your life who is always there, without a word, without a condition, just trying to smooth your furrowed brow, turn that frown into a smile, and help you make it through whatever difficulty it is that’s troubling you.

The song had a calming, reassuring effect on me as well. It called to mind the people in my life that I know I can count on when I need a boost or a little help with something pressing in my life, on my mind.

Lisa Nicole’s voice is very bright, very clear, and she plays to these strengths very well. The basic instrumental backing here works very well to help elevate her already impressive vocal performance. She is able to maintain a consistent tone and really flex the finer fluctuations of her voice without seeming as though she’s pushing beyond her ability.

Play this track for that important problem solver in your life and let them know Gas Mask Magazine sent it, with love.

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