Lil West: “West Side”

By: Eric Reyes
April 28, 2021

I pride myself on my writing ability, but I don’t know if anything will ever top the comment I found on the interesting visualizer video that accompanied this track.

Braxton Boggswrote, β€˜This slaps harder than my dad no kizzy.’

That’s it, music critique and reviews are done, let’s all go home. I seriously can’t stop laughing. That is probably the best thing I’ve read all of April.

Moving beyond this astounding testimonial, β€˜West Side’ by Lil West is a track that scratched an itch that I hardly ever recognize. The track just hooks you in right off the back, and it is so deceptively chill that you would be forgiven if you completely miss the lyrical content.

Sex, being a player, dealing, riding, it’s all to this catchy, upbeat… beat, that charms and just works. Lil West’s hook really does the initial heavy lifting but once you get past that, his beguiling vocal character, the production backing his vocals, and the crisp, easy mix work their own magic and really have you enjoying the track.

Laid back, but still with a distinct character, this track is an instant earworm that I’ll forever associate with that absolute gem of a comment.

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