Lil’ Nate: “200mg”

May 08, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

The verse here is strong and the talent is unmistakable.

Lil’ Nate paints a vivid picture of the life he’s lead to this point in β€˜200mg.’ Full of struggle and strife, near misses with death, all casual, matter-of-fact circumstances of the street that he doesn’t spend time dwelling on. The track makes clear that Lil Nate is where he is off his own effort, his own skill, and a touch of luck.

He has ambition and drive and he’s here to let you know. The verse is strong, and he has a definite grasp on his own rhythm. The backing mix sustains the track, keeps it going strong and doesn’t let up. This is a man who’s here to stay, and he’s going places. Don’t miss out.