Lil Late: “So Wrong”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 14, 2020

Los Angeles-based Bangladeshi singer-songwriter Lil Late bares his heart on his sleeves on his latest confessional track called “So Wrong.”

The artist blends his signature acoustic sound with an electronic edge on this track about an unraveling relationship. Late channels his raw and pent up emotions about his nearly lost love in the candid lyrics of this song. His smooth and mellow vocals swell with feeling as Late comes face to face with the reality of this toxic relationship. Late barrels one hard-hitting question after another asking his lover to reflect on the way they made him feel: “Who do you want me to be to reach something close to love?/Who do you think you are to tell me that I’m not enough?”

The simple bassline and beat are the perfect contrast to the angst and grit pulsing from Late’s vocals. Echoing synths and Late’s layered vocal trills lift his performance to height where his powerful message is on full display. Late clearly doesn’t want to hold back anymore because he has come to terms with his intentions. “Let it all bleed my minds made up,” Late declares that he’s ready to move on. Lil Late has proven himself a truly gifted songwriter and we’re ready to be blown away by whatever he releases next.

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