LIEZA: “Yellow Roses”

By: James Brookes
August 5, 2018

A unique breath of fresh air spirals into our ears from up-and-coming artist, LIEZA. Listen to her new single below, Gas Maskers!

With delicate vocals like a summer flower, we can’t seem to stop listening to “Yellow Roses”. This is the latest release from new comer, pop singer/songwriter LIEZA. The track is detailed with lyrical BRILLIANCE like fine crystals on an eighteenth century chandelier. They shine bright, making LIEZA and her music rise above the crowd. Although a heartbreaking song about the tragedies of failed love, we have enough of it for LIEZA AND her new EP (coming out this FALL). We can’t wait to hear the entire thing.

You may recognize the co-writer, one of our personal GAS MASK FAVORITES, Femke Weidema. If you haven’t delved into her world of genius creativity. We suggest you do that immediately

We’ve added LIEZA’s latest to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist, but be sure to purchase your copy on iTunes today, as well. Listen below, and tell us what you think about this new release on social media today: @GasMaskMagazine!