Gas Mask Magazine

Les Gordon: “Parade”

By: Eric Reyes
April 01, 2020

Have you ever sat up in bed, the haze of sleep still clearing your head, and sat staring at the far wall trying to remember the multitudinous events of your dreams? This is the simplest way we can put into words the experience of listening to French Electronic artist Les Gordon’s sublime, indescribable track, “Parade.” We used the word indescribable, but we’ll do our best anyways. 

An audio kaleidoscope, as paradoxical as that is, comes as close as possible to giving you an idea of the layered sound on offer here. Multiple grandfather clocks, their swinging brass pendulums singing and echoing off one another in a room bathed in the warm golden light of the clearest sunrise to have ever occurred. The sound of your heart thudding loud and cavernously in your chest as you fall down, ever down, a deep chasm of honeycombed walls, a woman’s breathless voice whips past, bouncing off any and every surface. A rising tempo, pitch, and beat that surrounds you, skin tingling, hair standing on end, spine chilled from the base of your skull to the very last vertebrae, intense and soothing all at once. 

This track had us losing entire stretches of time as we laid back and listen to it on repeat, trying to figure out how best to capture this experience. We’d blink and realize we’d been lulled into a rich, vivid dream state by the at once overstimulating and dreamy work of Les Gordon. 

We suggest you find a good spot to lay down or recline, press play, close your eyes, and enjoy a soundscape worthy of your fondest and most fleeting fantasy. THEN tell us what you think of it on social media: @gasmaskmagazine.

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