Lerocque: “No Goodβ€œ

By: Tiare Pito
October 23, 2021

With an airy yet pumping atmosphere, Swedish musician Lerocque has enthralled us with his newest single β€˜No Good’. Combining the nostalgia of 80s synth with the ambiance of alternative pop, we can say with confidence that Lerocque has hit the nail on the head with this one.

β€˜No Good’ depicts the story of an unhealthy relationship. A relationship that now does more harm than good. Yet, even knowing how toxic it has become, Lerocque navigates the struggle of leaving and letting go. The rawness in both the lyrics and also the tone of β€˜No Good’ instantly captures listeners, and allows them to connect straight away. 

Furthermore, the music video of β€˜No Good’ is breathtaking. Featuring stunning visuals and moody, flashing shots, it enhances the song without distracting from it. We are able to see the painful story that Lerocque sings about, and his message is further driven home. 

Providing such a uniquely tantalising musical experience, it is no wonder that we are obsessed. We have no doubt that you will be too, so go give it a listen!

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