Leo Guardo x Cali Satellites x Brontë Horder:  “Only The Good Ones”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
March 16, 2022

Leo Guardo, Cali Satellites and Brontë Horder collaborated and created music that consists of “Only the Good Ones.” 

The song is the title track of their new 4-song EP.  The music and lyrics have dark undertones.  The words express the inner struggle of self-worth.  The relatable lyrics convey an important message about the misconceptions a lack of self-esteem creates.  The group explained the making of and meaning behind the single saying:

This song started as a jam between Brontë & Adam. At the time we were listening to stories of people who had distorted perceptions of themselves. As Brontë was searching for a melody, out came the lyrics, being at war with ourselves and wanting to reframe the way we think and speak about our minds and our bodies.

Horder’s sweet vocals bring light to the heavy music and lyrics.  Her voice evokes a sense of encouragement, in contrast with the song’s disheartening sentiments and sound.

DJ/Producer Leo Guardo, musician/composer Cali Satellites and composer/vocalist Horder have combined their individual talents to make an impactful sound. 

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