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LeMarquis: “Falling”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
June 15, 2022

Fans will be “Falling” for LeMarquis’s new single. 

The track expresses the back and forth in a relationship.  There’s admiration despite misgivings.  The music and lyrics express a variety of emotions.  The charming vocals convey honesty as he sings about being “mad” and “sad” about what his lover is doing.  Even though his girlfriend’s actions are causing frustration and anger, he still goes back for more and wants to keep the relationship going.  That sentiment is expressed in the lines, “Turn off the lights, you know we’re gonna make this right” and “I’ll make it right, as long as you hold me tight.”  The music starts off with happy tones and changes with the mood of the lyrics.

“Falling” is the third single the French DJ/producer released this year.  LeMarquis also released “Off My Mind” and “Flow” in 2022.

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