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Lazyhead: “Fortune Teller”

By: Honey Mills
September 24, 2019

Okay, we’re in love with Lazyhead. Find out why by reading our review of “Fortune Teller” below!

We are nothing short of obsessed with “Fortune Teller” by Lazyhead this week. With beautiful indie rock vibes comparable to Eric D. Johnson, Liam Finn and The Head And The Heart, “Fortune Teller” is a song that simply makes you feel good. “Fortune Teller” is a masterpiece that creates a very intimate piece with a cinematic feel and we are all about it. This song feels like a cup of coffee during a long night or a dim light in a dark room. We love the haunting vocal quality against the soft psychedelic soundscape. Really we just love everything about it and cannot wait for more releases from Lazyhead. Listen below!

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