Lauren Sanderson: “Hi”

By: Eric Reyes
March 17, 2021

The girl from nowhere who made her mark. Lauren Sanderson, known for her culture-capturing verse and beats, shows a softer side with her latest release, Hi.

Opening with heavy lyrical content and vibing along slow and easy, Hi is a mood you’ll catch early and settle into deeply.

The almost offhand direness of the introduction winds its way into the mundane, the petty attentions we pay to the little moments that make us human. A song about infatuation, about the people to pull our attention away from the bigger picture through their just being them. A song about being trapped in the middle of four different trains of thought and being swept out of the mental mire by the paradoxically critical and loving obsessions of our individual relationships.

The beat here is very engaging, I drifted along with it through the entirety of the song, and the sudden end plopped me back into the real world. I had been entranced by it that effectively. The audio landscape here, of layered and distorted verse, added to that sensation of being lost in thought, literally, and then popping back into reality. All around, a complete experience.

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