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Lauren Sanderson: “But I Like It”

By: James Brookes
February 13, 2020

A pulsing bass line, and a vocal that will hook you for days. Yup! It’s the latest from Lauren Sanderson.

No stranger to Gas Mask, Lauren Sanderson has a grit on her vocals that will suck you in with every note; it’s the equivalent of a siren drawing you closer to the water. A thumping chorus that is as hooky as it is badass with the production, the soundscape screams pop/rock, identified with almost an Arctic Monkeys sort of vibe. This track is ideal for a walk on the wild side—a night out on the town, a gym anthem to pump up that heart rate, or one of those tracks you’ll want to hit the sheets with. We’ve already added this one to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist. You should to! Stream it there or listen below!

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