Laureline: “I Love You”

By: Sydney Cooper
June 14, 2018

The Los Angeles based group Laureline is new to the internet waves, but their latest release titled, “I Love You” proves they are here to stay. Listen to this one below!

“I Love You” introduces a fresh, transient atmosphere within the first literal ten seconds of the track. Everything about the tune is dreamy. From production to the vocal quality—we find ourselves captivated by the energy that breathes life into this whimsical ride. Laureline really knocked it out of the park, not only for a single, but especially for a debut single. We cannot wait to see what this four piece has in store for us, and while music is a journey, we know theirs will travel nowhere but upward! Purchase your copy on iTunes today. Lucky for you, we’ve already added this one to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist!

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