Laura Rizzotto:  “On My Mind”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
October 01, 2021

Laura Rizzotto’s new single hopes to catch attention and stay in front of mind like a good looking stranger at a bar or club. 

“On My Mind” deals with temptation and the struggle to remain faithful in a relationship when someone new is so enticing.  The attraction to the seduction is so strong, it’s hard not to fed into it and throw loyalties out the window.

In the end, she’s just “going home with you on my mind.”  The pop track starts off slow, luring the listener in, just like the lyrics suggest, and then picks up into an upbeat chorus.  Rizzotto showcases her high vocal range throughout the song.  She co-wrote the track with ESTICO & Griffith Frank.  The Latvian / Brazilian singer gained worldwide exposure as the Latvian contestant in the 2018 Eurovision song contest. 

She has since had her music featured in VR and AR experiences and is now a member of the GRAMMY Awards’ Recording Academy. 

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