Laura Pieri: “Grenades”

By: Eric Reyes
March 31, 2021

Yet another banger I first heard at the gym, but unlike a previous artist, this one was gracing my ears from the overhead speakers

Rising above the clang of metal, this track cleared the air and made itself known. Laura Pieri’s sound is very indie pop, and the video is that great β€˜three man crew in a warehouse’ look that allows an individual performer to be the center of attention.

Her vocals really do all the heavy lifting, to be completely honest. The basic mix behind her is adequate, but it is overshadowed by her lyrics and the emotive power of her voice. Knowing when to really flex those vocal skills, she manages a great balance that allows her to really draw out the meaning in her words.

The video charmed me with its spare but stylized appearance. Mainstays of the city skyline, neon lights, and fireworks here are punctuation, transitions, showing the progress of the video, while not necessarily relating to the performance itself.

After a pandemic-related hiatus, Laura Pieri is back and I for one am excited to see what she’s brought with her.

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