Late Night Thoughts: “Bittersweet Feelin’”

By: Blaire Cache
June 14, 2019

Late Night Thoughts is the perfect place for feelings – literally and figuratively. Check out what we thought about their latest release below!

Acoustic pop duo Late Night Thoughts has a tasty new track that we love sinking our teeth in! We were instantly hooked as soon as we hit play, and fell deeper and deeper, as this track seamlessly moves along. “Bittersweet Feelin’” is a deeply moody piece packed with hooky earworms that every music lover will melt over. With its sparkling guitar licks, soulful vocals, and a summery-pop-vibe to kick your warm weather feelings into high gear, “Bittersweet Feelin’” is sure to be on your beach playlist. Don’t take our word for it though; stream the tune below.

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