Last Vacation: “How Could You Hurt Somebody You Love?” (Remix by Honestly)

By: Emma Kopelowicz
August 23, 2020

East Coast duo Honestly have injected stratospheric energy into their remix of Boston-based indie-pop quartet Last Vacation’s heartbreak anthem, “How Could You Hurt Somebody You Love?”

Both bands have been building up a solid repertoire of nostalgia-infused bops since last year. While Last Vacation’s sound emulates the bright and uplifting sound of 90’s and early 2000’s-era pop rock groups, Honestly’s music often fuses 80’s new wave with 90’s R&B. Both bands have crafted entirely unique sentimental jams with older influences, and together they’ve created a brand-new contemporary sound unlike anything either group has released before on “HCYHSYL?”

Soaring synths and expressive guitar chords collide on this deftly produced track. Despite the somber subject matter, both groups have taken this track about disappointment and letting go and turned it into a glimmer of hope. The song’s inspiring, introspective lyrics will empower you to seek clarity and move forward. “You want to relive/I can’t let you in,” Travis Rutzel, Last Vacation’s lead singer, echoes in the bridge. This dynamic and upbeat track incorporating modern electronic elements presents a new chapter for both groups and we’re already huge fans. We really hope Last Vacation and Honestly decide to collaborate again because when they unite, sparks certainly do fly.

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