Lance Tingey: “Hallelujah”

By: James Brookes
November 15, 2017

Lance Tingey has the ability to make you stop, listen and reevaluate your entire lifeβ€”in the best way possible. You’ll see what we mean after listening to his latest single!

With a title like, “Hallelujah” you know you’re in for a special treat. The alternative/folk singer/songwriter uses open spaces and an irrevocable vocal that you can’t turn your head away from for even the slightest moment. The song was inspired and written about having appreciation for change in all mankindβ€”including yourself. Well put, Lance. We’re completely smitten with “Hallelujah!”

Purchase your copy of “Hallelujah” on iTunes today! While you’re at it, give his latest EP Send Me a Doctor a bit of love. I know we will!

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