La Roboka: “Misophonic”

By: Jared Free
August 25, 2019

Strange bedfellows can lead to some of the most amazing surprises, as we see in the latest from La Roboka. Check out our review of “Misophonic” below!

What do you get when you mash operatic vocals with a dirty base? According to La Roboka, it’s something “Misophonic.” This song is full of surprises, including a wild prechorus that includes the amazing line “All day I want to punch faces.” This irreverent track has something for everyone, and a pretty off the wall video to match. The track’s two singers prance around stage with funky makeup and extreme facial expressions. Their charisma and humor come through in spades — but you have to see it to believe it. Listen below, Gas Maskers! What’s your favorite stylistic mash up? Drop us a line on Twitter or Instagram today at: @gasmaskmagazine.