KYTES: “Runaway”

By: Demetrius Justice
March 23, 2020

Just put your feet on the ground and go! KYTES has released a new single, and it’s everything you want and more to keep you going. Check out “Runaway” below and get ready to sweat, because you wont be able to sit still!

Whether you’re in the gym on a treadmill, jogging around your neighborhood or dancing in front of your mirror naked, this song is the soundtrack for each of those occasions! KYTES sings of a dilemma they might have been faced with in the past; one that they seem to be unable to “Runaway” from. The song starts off as witty and playful but then the beat drops and your emotions are met with pressure and intensity. “I set my world on fire,” is the opening line of the song, and that is exactly what you feel for the remainder of the track. A burning desire to move and stay active and not get caught up in whatever it is we desperately need to get away from. Enjoy the sounds of KYTES’ newest release “Runaway” below!

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