Kyan: “Lonely River”

By: Blaire Cache
November 15, 2018

We are truly speechless over the latest release from Kyan. Listen to it below!

There’s nothing like the pure, raw, naked emotion of an artist, and Kyan has shown us his most stripped down artistry yet. The soulful singer/songwriter has released an acoustic version of his track “Lonely River” recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studio. Everything about this piece will bring you to tears; from the powerful vocal prowess to the moving instrumentation, Kyan has proven that he is one to watch. We are nothing short of obsessed with this track and are running out of tissues to keep our feels contained.

Check out the video of this unbelievable recording below and let us know what you think about it! (Trust us, we wanna talk about it, so hit us up on social media @GasMaskMagazine). Keep checking back for more of the best new music!