Kuma: “Can’t Stop”

By: Eric Reyes
March 10, 2021

Beyond the lyrics, I got an intense feeling of longing.

Like that twinge of the core muscles when you’re deciding whether to get up and go after the love of your life as they walk away, maybe out of your life. The emotional impact of it was the same as well, almost hopeless. It felt as though Kuma was trying to let us, the listener, know just exactly how deep this longing, this possible loss, went. Some songs may aim to let a generic someone know just what they mean to the performer through pretty metaphors but Can’t Stop really lets you have it through the language of yearning and sorrow.

Repetition is used effectively here, imparting the emotional through-line very well. The mixing is also very effective, and I got the mental image of the captured light on the surface of dark water, a roll and a wave of sound that came in and out.

There is an experimental vibe to the sound as well, where a chance was taken in the composition of the piece. Guided by artistic passion, and a deep, sincere feeling, it is effective.

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