Kristian Phillip Valentino:Β  “Cold Hearted”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
February 25, 2022

His name may be associated with love, but Kristian Phillip Valentino is causing heartache in his new single, “Cold Hearted.”  

With minimal musical accompaniment, the song puts the spotlight on the vocals and the story being told.  The lyrics describe the end of a relationship and what it took to walk away.  It shares the feelings of the person who left and the thoughts of the person left behind.  Valentino’s connection to the lyrics can be heard in his vocal performance. The soft guitar bed complements the raw emotions expressed in the singer-songwriter’s voice. 

“Cold Hearted” is a track off of Valentino’s soon to be released album, For every thing, there is a season.  As the title of the LP suggests, the songs were written about a previous romance that changes with the seasons, from the beginning to the end.  “Cold Hearted” is the break-up song.  The Chicago area native shared how he thinks others will connect with the song and album:

I wrote this album in 7 days, to process a relationship that had ended. Although the album ends as a sad story, I know it’s a story that will resonate with so many others and hopefully can be a healing balm of hope.

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