Kristen Beckwith: “Paris”

By: Ico Beltran
December 28, 2020

The singer/songwriter, Kristen Beckwith, stands tall in β€œParis,” a pop/folk song with sentimental vocals.

Perhaps β€œParis” is an apt name for this song in Kristen Beckwith’s 2020 LP, A True Story. Afterall, Paris is widely known as the β€œCity of Love” with hundreds of marriage proposals occurring at the Eiffel Tower each year. When Beckwith coos, β€œNothing can bring me down, not anymore. Now that I finally know that I am… I am yours,” one can imagine the revival of strength upheld by the love of a partner. It’s a strength as sturdy as the 300m wonder. Alongside piano and string chords that seem like a gift from the skies, Beckwith’s lyrics are a direct message to a lover; she thanks them for the love that they’ve provided and the power that she’s attained as a result. With its pent-up emotion, β€œParis” is sure to convey a piece of every relationship.

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