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Kristen Beckwith: “Paris”

By: Ico Beltran
December 28, 2020

The singer/songwriter, Kristen Beckwith, stands tall in “Paris,” a pop/folk song with sentimental vocals.

Perhaps “Paris” is an apt name for this song in Kristen Beckwith’s 2020 LP, A True Story. Afterall, Paris is widely known as the “City of Love” with hundreds of marriage proposals occurring at the Eiffel Tower each year. When Beckwith coos, “Nothing can bring me down, not anymore. Now that I finally know that I am… I am yours,” one can imagine the revival of strength upheld by the love of a partner. It’s a strength as sturdy as the 300m wonder. Alongside piano and string chords that seem like a gift from the skies, Beckwith’s lyrics are a direct message to a lover; she thanks them for the love that they’ve provided and the power that she’s attained as a result. With its pent-up emotion, “Paris” is sure to convey a piece of every relationship.

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