Kris Gruen: “What Brings You”

By: Sydney Cooper
April 10, 2018

The incredible Kris Gruen has a new track! Listen to it below, Gas Maskers.

Kris Gruen is truly a renaissance americana artist who possesses a very tailored sound that pays respect to folk and americana legends who have come before him. Yet, he maintains a quality that is very uniquely his. This sound is what makes β€œWhat Brings You” shine this week. While the track oozes soothing, sunny day vibes, it also exhibits a mastery of musicianship. We are daydreaming away to the lush landscape of sound on this track, and how could you not get lost in that amazing voice!? 

We’ve added β€œWhat Brings You” to our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist this week. Be sure to hope on over there and take a gander. OR, if you prefer to have his track for yourself: Purchase your copy on iTunes today!

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