Gas Mask Magazine


By: James Brookes
April 23, 2019

Get off your feet and get ready to move, Gas Maskers! The latest from Kolidescopes will have you ready for those long summer nights. Listen below.

Titled, “Focus” we’re lost in the dance-driven EDM track from Kolidescopes. The melodic thump will have your hips moving from side-to-side, while the lyrical hook will be on your brain at all hours of the day (and night). One of our favorite aspects in the Gas Mask HQ is the the ever-evolving beat on this tune. It has all the right breakdowns that you’ll need to build the anticipation. Besides, I think it’s safe to say, we all need to get our shit together. Lucky for you, we’ve already added this one to the #1 spot on our Gas Mask Favorites playlist. We’re sure you’ll be following suit. Listen to “Focus” below!

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