KØASH: “Dominoes”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
May 20, 2022

KØASH brings an eclectic sound with his single “Dominoes.” 

The pop track is a mix of 80s music with a beach club vibe.  It starts off slow, then, in a little over twenty seconds, the beat hits and the party begins.  The high energy song is about the struggles at the start of a relationship.  KØASH (née Dean Koash) wrote the track last year during the pandemic lockdown with his friend’s tumultuous relationship as inspiration.  The relatable lyrics are enhanced by his charming vocals. 

“Dominoes” is the UK singer’s first single.  He joined forces with Grammy winning producer Daniel John Evans on the track.  With a fun, unique debut song like this, there’s sure to be more great music to come.

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