Klara Hammarström: “You Should Know Me Better”

By: James Brookes
October 22, 2019

The latest from Klara Hammarström is just what you need for your pop playlist. Listen below, Gas Maskers!

Superman’s weakness is kryptonite, dogs aren’t fond of avocados, and we can’t help ourselves when we hear a mouth watering pop track. Titled, “You Should Know Me Better,” Klara Hammarström’s latest checks every box to make a pop hit. A polished and glossy vocal is addictive, but when you lay that on top of a chorus as hooky as this one, it’s game over. You’ll be hooked from the lyrical and melodic essence, creating a clean and glittering soundscape that only a star can cultivate. Lucky for you, we’ve already added this jam to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist. Listen to it there or stream below. You can thank us later.

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