KINGS: “Ur A Good Bye”

May 23, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

I… Love This Track. You can tell I’m serious because I capitalized every word in that sentence. KINGS has really created something worthwhile with their track β€˜Ur A Good Bye.’

I’ve had the track on repeat for the last hour unable to finish up this particular review, not out of some lack of words, because I’m full of nothing but gushing, monosyllabic praise, but because it just demands my full attention.

There is a complexity to the sound that is so lacking in pop music. From the mix’s willingness to build and drop, slide back to a passive undercurrent, then ramp right back to an aggressive thump and thud, to the nimble wordplay of the vocalist, it has so much to offer. The production here is just apex, top of the pile, treating every element of the track as deserving of not only careful attention and consideration but a handful of pizzaz and spirit. Everything has the opportunity to shine, to breathe, to draw out its full potential and contribute to the sound.

Opening at a more subtle, laid back pace, it quickly shifts to the other foot and gets you moving along, driven by the beat and the vocals on display. Sultry and seductive, and then lightning quick, full of vitality and a muscularity that makes you imagine the dance routine in your head. I was moving to every beat, typing at times to the rhythm.

This is going into my gym playlist, my hiking playlist, my range day playlist, my driving playlist, my lay under a fan to escape the heat playlist, my sit outside with my eyes closed and my dogs on my lap playlist. It just has this vibe to it that is infectious and adaptable to various moods and mindsets. Again, the versatility of the vocals and mix is its strongest draw here, and I’m excited to discover more from this artist.