Kiesza: “Crave”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 01, 2020

Three years ago, a horrific car accident almost took Canadian singer-songwriter Kiesza’s life. With a traumatic brain injury that left her with numerous physical setbacks, many assumed the artist would step away from the spotlight for good. But instead, the Calgary-born musician set herself on a path to recovery through a slow healing process that involved spending “six months in a dark room.” 

Since the traumatic incident, Kiesza has started her own label called Zebra Spirit Tribe, played a series of acoustic shows in the US and Canada, and has put out a steady stream of singles including “Crave.” On May 26, Kiesza announced on Twitter that this would also be the name of her upcoming album due to come out in August. 

“Crave” follows suit with most of Kiesza’s dance-pop grooves, but this uplifting bop definitely tips a hat towards some more retro influences. Kiesza’s guitar riffs and lyrics definitely echo the sensuality of Prince and quirky cool of Cyndi Lauper. Kiesza’s songwriting is charged with pure joy and her booming melodies are bursting with a flood of emotions. 

“Crave” is a powerful comeback tune that proves Kiesza is stepping into this next chapter of her career with more enthusiasm and creative spirit than ever, propelling her music to new heights. Life has certainly presented its fair share of twists and turns for Kiesza, but it’s clear that the artist has done a lot of learning along the way and now she’s finally ready to share her insights with the world. Stream “Crave” below, and tell us what you think of it on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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