Kev Kelly: “Everything’s On Fire”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 07, 2020

Rising pop singer-songwriter Kev Kelly ignites passion and pent up emotions on “Everything’s on Fire” off the artist’s new EP titled Saint KDK V.

In an interview with PRESSPARTY, Kelly described how each track on this EP “presents a setting and a plot as if it was a mini movie.” Throughout this series of songs, Kelly takes us through a relationship from start to finish. As you might have guessed, “Everything’s on Fire” represents the end of the road for this bond. Kelly expertly channels his raw emotions into this number using rich metaphorical imagery and his own vocal performance to express just how bad his heart is aching.

“I’m in corner with the lighter/And the gasoline, pour one out for me,” Kelly sorrowfully croons. Writing from personal experiences is no easy feat and Kelly has managed to do so while imbuing his lyrics with a universal quality. This song may have been about a painful break-up at the time that Kelly wrote this but hearing it now feels like listening to a parable of our times. “Momma the bridges are ablaze/The city’s in a craze,” keeps echoing in our minds. No matter what you take away from the song, the most important thing is to listen. Stream the track below, and tell us what you think of it on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine. Feel free to connect with our writer as well: @emkopel!

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