Kelsi Mayne: “As I Go”

By: Eric Reyes
April 22, 2020

Country is the genre for women telling it like it is. Punk, Screamo, Metal, all have their strengths, but there is an individualism, a strength, a promise of righteous violence in Country that really speaks to me. 

Kelsi Mayne delivers a powerhouse performance in her latest release, “As I Go.” A warning, a threat, a promise, I feel sorry for any man who doesn’t heed the message of this song, or pick up on the red flag of it being played for them. Her powerful vocals really steal the show, going beyond simply singing whatever may have been down on paper and transforming into a raging ode to screwing with the wrong woman. Shotguns, flaming targets, heavy-duty trucks, mud-covered quads, metal-worthy guitars and long, flowing, black dresses. I mean… need I say more? Ladies, if you’ve ever been hurt, and you’re tired of songs that pine for the douchebag that broke your heart, or that wax poetic over lost love, here’s your song. Don’t let your heart be broken. Instead, break some of his crap, and save yourself the heartache. Tell us what you think on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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