Kelli-Leigh: “Cotton Clouds” (Remix by Cutmore)

By: Eric Reyes
March 27, 2020

South London singer/songwriter Kelli-Leigh gets us up on our feet and our hearts racing with this unbelievably danceable track Cotton Clouds. Remixed by award-winning artist Cutmore, who’s worked with the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and more, this song really flexes both performer’s talents.

The mixing artistry compliments the perfectly melodic voice of Kelli-Leigh as she amps up the listener. This is the kind of song we’d love to get lost on a dance floor to. The energy throughout is fierce, something to rock to, to groove to. Cutmore’s expert mixing skills are on full display for us and don’t let us down. While the lyrics might be begging us to go back to bed, as long as this is playing we can’t see ourselves doing anything but dance. Throw off the sheets, open up the windows and dance with that special someone for all the world to see.

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